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Kiss Me More Lyrics Meaning

Kiss Me More Lyrics Meaning

"Kiss Me More" is a song by American singer-songwriter Doja Cat. The track was released on April 9, 2021, through Kemosabe Records and RCA Records, as the lead single from her upcoming third studio album Planet Her. The song received mixed reviews from music critics, with some praising its production and others deeming it unoriginal. However, its music video was widely praised and deemed one of the best of the year. "Kiss Me More" is a synth-pop and trap song with elements of R&B. The song's lyrics are about wanting more affection from a lover. The song's accompanying music video was directed by Colin Tilley and features Doja Cat in various colorful outfits and settings.


Kiss Me More Lyrics Meaning
Kiss Me More Lyrics Meaning

The Meaning of the Kiss Me More Lyrics

The lyrics of "Kiss Me More" have a deep meaning that is often misinterpreted. The song is about a young couple who are deeply in love but their relationship is on the rocks. The girl is trying to save the relationship by begging her boyfriend to kiss her more. She is pleading with him to show her more affection and attention in an attempt to make things right between them. However, the boy is unresponsive and seems distant. This eventually leads to the girl breaking down and crying. The lyrics of "Kiss Me More" express the deep feelings of love and desperation that the girl is feeling.

The Lyrics in Context

The lyrics in "Kiss Me More" are about a couple who are deeply in love with each other. The song is told from the perspective of the woman in the relationship, and she is expressing her desire to be kissed more by her partner. She talks about how their kisses make her feel alive and how she wants to spend eternity with him. The lyrics are very romantic and sensual, and they capture the feeling of being deeply in love.

The Historical Significance of the Song

The song "Kiss Me More" was released in May 2021 and quickly became a viral sensation. The song is about a young woman's infatuation with a older man, and has been described as "a summer anthem for the ages".


The lyrics of the song are very suggestive, and have led to some debate over their meaning. Some believe that the lyrics are simply about a young woman's physical attraction to an older man, while others believe that there is more to the story.


Regardless of the true meaning of the lyrics, the song has become an instant classic, and its popularity is sure to continue to grow in the months and years to come.


The Cultural Significance of the Song

The lyrics of "Kiss Me More" are packed with cultural references that give the song a deeper meaning. From the opening line, "you're like a modern day Romeo," to the mention of Shakespeare's famous play, the song is full of nods to classic literature. But it's not just the words that make "Kiss Me More" special; it's also the music. The melody is based on an old folk song called "Down in the Valley," which has been covered by everyone from Bob Dylan to Nina Simone.


The original version of "Down in the Valley" is a dark and melancholy tune, but in "Kiss Me More," it takes on a more hopeful tone. This is fitting, given the subject matter of the song. It's about two young lovers who are trying to find their way in a world that doesn't always make sense. But despite all the odds, they're determined to stay together.


The lyrics and music of "Kiss Me More" come together to create a beautiful and powerful love story. It's a song that anyone can relate to, no matter where they come from or what their background is.


The Music Video

The "Kiss Me More" music video was released on May 14, 2021 and was directed by Dave Meyers. The video features Doja Cat in various settings and outfits, including a pink latex bodysuit. Throughout the video, she is seen interacting with different people and objects; at one point, she is seen kissing a mannequin. The video ends with Doja Cat walking away from the camera.


The music video received mixed reviews from critics "Kiss Me More". Some praised the visuals and Doja Cat's performance, while others criticized the video for its apparent lack of cohesion.



The lyrics of "Kiss Me More" suggest that the speaker is in a relationship with someone who doesn't show them enough affection. They express their longing for more physical intimacy, and their frustration at being left wanting. The song could be interpreted as a plea for more attention, or simply as a way to communicate the speaker's desire for more affection from their partner. Regardless of the exact meaning, it's clear that the speaker is deeply craving more closeness in their relationship.


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