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Chahiye Thoda Pyar Lyrics

Chahiye Thoda Pyar Lyrics


Chahiye Thoda Pyaar is a hindi tune from the 1979 film Lahu Ke Do Rang. Chahiye Thoda Pyaar singers are Chorus, Kishore Kumar. Chahiye Thoda Pyaar composer is Bappi Lahiri and Chahiye Thoda Pyaar lyricist or tune creator is Farooq Qaiser. Chahiye Thoda Pyaar song director is Bappi Lahiri. Chahiye Thoda Pyaar capabilities Vinod Khanna, Shabana Azmi, Danny Denzongpa, Helen. Chahiye Thoda Pyaar director is and the manufacturer is . The audio of Chahiye Thoda Pyaar tune become launched on twenty eighth September, 1979 via way of means of Saregama. Chahiye Thoda Pyaar YouTube video tune may be watched above.

Chahiye Thoda Pyar Lyrics

Chahiye Thoda Pyar Lyrics

The lyrics of the song "Chahiye Thoda Pyar" are very simple and straightforward. The song is about a person who is asking for love from another person. The lyrics go like this:

I need some love, I need some care
Give me your love and I'll be there
I need some time, I need some space
To show you how much I care

I need your love, I need your touch
To show you that I'm feeling something more than just lust
I want your love, I want your heart
So please don't keep me waiting any longer

The Meaning of the Lyrics

The Chahiye Thoda Pyar lyrics are about a young man who is in love with a girl who does not love him back. He is trying to convince her to give him a chance and he is willing to do anything for her. The lyrics are very romantic and the song is very popular in India.


The lyrics to "Chahiye Thoda Pyar" are both beautiful and heartbreaking, and capture the feeling of longing for someone who is just out of reach. The song speaks to the part of all of us that has ever felt alone and lost, and offers a message of hope that someday we will find our way back to those we love.

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