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Best I Ever Had Lyrics

Life is about experiences. Everyone has a different story to tell about their life. A strong body of work demonstrates a person's thoughts and feelings about the events in their life. Friends, family and lovers all play a part in shaping our experiences. Life would be dull without the joys and hardships that help us grow into successful people.

Best I Ever Had Lyrics

Best I Ever Had Lyrics

If you've ever been a fan of Drake, then chances are you know the lyrics to "Best I Ever Had" by heart. The 2009 hit single is one of the Canadian rapper's most beloved songs, and its emotional and passionate lyrics have kept it in our hearts for years.

The song itself is a love story many of us can relate to: it's about yearning and longing for the perfect partner, but accepting that they may never be found. But what exactly are the lyrics saying? Is there more to them than first meets the ear?

In this article, I'll decode Drake's "Best I Ever Had" and break down just what he's trying to tell us—line by line. By the end, you'll have a better understanding of Drake's iconic song—and maybe even feel inspired by its powerful message.

Drake's "Best I Ever Had" Explained

Off Drake's first album, "Best I Ever Had" is a classic that many hip-hop fans know and love. The song draws on Drake's unique style of storytelling by blending second-person perspective with direct assertions and frank declarations of emotion. It's a perfect mix of catchy lyrics and introspective musings that make the listener feel right at home in the world he describes.

But before we can examine the meaning behind the words, let's look at what they actually say. In simple terms, "Best I Ever Had" is a love letter addressed to an unnamed woman, as Drake shifts between different perspectives throughout the song. In the verses, he speaks directly to her, complimenting her looks and describing his admiration for her—including how she makes him feel.

The chorus is an exclamation of both appreciation and longing for this woman; Drake declares that he feels like she is "the best I ever had," which implies that in spite of everything, she still has a special spot in his heart. This kind of sentimentality imbues the song with an air of nostalgia—which no doubt resonates with many listeners who have experienced a similar situation at one point or another.

The Power of the Hook

The chorus or “hook” of this R&B anthem is the phrase “You’re my, you’re my, you’re my. Best I ever had.” The repetition of the words carries a lot of power and it serves to emphasize the importance of this person he loves in his life. By repeating these words it drives home the point that she is special to him — so much so that she stands out from all the other people he has encountered.

The second-person point of view also contributes to this idea. Drake uses “you" to directly address his audience and make them feel included in the song — as if they themselves were being told they were “the best he ever had.” This adds a personal touch and ensures that whoever is listening can relate to the sentiment in some degree.

Overall, this hook gives listeners a glimpse into Drake's world, while delivering an important message: that among all his experiences, this person stands out as being particularly noteworthy.

Verses and Reoccuring Themes

It’s time to move on to the verses. The first verse is all about his aspirations for grandeur and someone to share it with. He raps “I'm more than just an option, hey/ Refuse to be forgotten, hey/ I took a chance with my heart, hey/ And I feel it takin' over”. Drake is trying to balance his ambitions and dreams for a better life with finding someone to share it with.

He continues in the second verse “Nah she's not perfect but she worth it, hey/ And Yes I said it and I ain't taking back /And She loves me for me and you know that” To Drake, his girl isn't perfect—close, but not quite yet there. But he still believes she's worth the effort eput into her—no matter the investment of time or emotions.

The message of both verses is echoed in the chorus: that every mistake he made was just part of him getting to this point. Someone who understands him and everything he stands for. This idea is one that reoccurs throughout the entire song: Growing up means learning from mistakes that shape your future and building yourself into someone you want to be with the help from those you love.

What Other Songs Does It Reference?

Now it's time to take a dive into the lyrics of "Best I Ever Had" and what Drake is really saying. Probably one of the most interesting parts of the song is that it references a few other famous songs by other artists.

"DJ Play My Song"

The first referenced song comes in at the beginning of the song when Drake raps,

“DJ play my song, and you know I can make it go all night long”

This line references Jay-Z's 2002 hit "Excuse Me Miss". In it, he raps “DJ play my jam/Cause if you don't then you're gonna hear me scream”.

"Standing On Couches, Poppin' Bottles"

Next up is a reference to T-Pain's 2008 single “Church” in which he raps “We gettin' money out here standin' on couches/Poppin' bottles like we do it every night”. Similarly, Drake sings Standing on couches, poppin' bottles.

"It Was Looking Like A Mansion Last Night"

The last obvious reference comes from Project Pat's 2001 song "Mansion", where he raps It was looking like a house last night''. Drake then takes this line but amplifies it by singingIt was looking like a mansion last night``.

Music Video Analysis

You already know that "Best I Ever Had" is an iconic song, but there's so much more to it than catchy lyrics that are very easy to sing along too. The music video that goes along with this song is a masterpiece in itself, full of subtle messages and nuances.


The music video opens with Drake walking into a comic book store and seeing a poster of himself on the wall. This analogy symbolizes fame and success. He then moves to the kitchen, which has been flooded with furniture from the living room. This metaphor symbolizes Drake's desire for more, as if his fame can barely even fit in the house he resides in.

He also shows off several expensive products, like hi-tech fitness equipment and luxury cars, representing material wealth.


The costumes in the "Best I Ever Had" music video also contain hidden messages. Drake wears a fitted button-down shirt during his time at the comic book store, symbolizing conformity. His crew, who follow him throughout the rest of the music video all wear hoodies or windbreakers—a sign of their loyalty to Drake as they never stray too far away from him.

Every element in this iconic music video works together to create one cohesive message—that Drake's success is bigger than what it seems on first glance and much more layered than just his wealth and fame.

Revisiting the Power of Love: A Final Word on "Best I Ever Had"

It's no surprise that the lyrics to "Best I Ever Had" awaken such strong emotions in us—love is a powerful thing, and Drake knows how to make it a central theme in his music. He's not only reminding us of the power of love, but also celebrating that power.

Drake's quite clear with his message: love can take us to the highest of highs and bring us down to the lowest of lows. But it can also be beautiful, special and truly one-of-a-kind.

At its core, this song is about appreciating love for what it is—be it good or bad. It's a reminder that love can bring us back up when we stumble, empower us when we're feeling weak, and make us feel seen when we're invisible. That's why "Best I Ever Had" is an anthem for all those who have ever experienced the rollercoaster ride of love —past, present, and future.


Now that we’ve decoded Drake’s classic hit “Best I Ever Had”, it’s time to take your newfound understanding of the lyrics and apply it to your own life. After all, Drake’s lyrics are as relevant today as they were when the song was released.

Whether it’s making the most of a past relationship, recognizing the power of self-love, or simply dancing the night away to an old classic, Drake’s “Best I Ever Had” is the perfect soundtrack to whatever life throws your way. So crank up the volume, let the familiar beats and words wash over you, and discover the life lessons hidden in one of the greatest rap songs of all time.

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